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Traditional Palermo Food

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Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Palermo is complete without tasting the traditional Palermo food. This directory offers information about the traditional dishes and drinks available in Palermo to help visitors better understand the local food culture and make an informed decision when trying them.




  • Caponata: vegetable salad made from chopped fried eggplant and celery seasoned with sweetened vinegar, and capers in a sauce.

Main courses


  • Agnello di pasta Reale: a sweet Easter cake in the shape of a lamb made from almond paste.
  • Biancomangiare: a sweet dessert made with milk or cream and sugar, thickened with gelatin.
  • Biscotti Ennesi: biscuits served with wine.
  • Brioche con gelato: buns with ice cream.
  • Bruccellati: uniquely Sicilian fig cookies.
  • Buccellato: a Sicilian circular cake given by godparents to the godchild and family on the christening day.
  • Cannoli: tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling.
  • Cassata: round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices and layered with ricotta cheese, candied peel, and a chocolate or vanilla filling.
  • Ciarduna: traditional sweet pastry, made from almond cookie shell filled with a ricotta or mascarpone filling.
  • Crostata al mandarino: Italian baked dessert tart, and a form of pie with mandarin.
  • Cubbaita: hard sesame candy.
  • Cuccìa: traditional Sicilian dish made from boiled wheat berries.
  • Cuddureddi di ricotta: cookies made with ricotta.
  • Froscia o malassata: cheese, with the addition of eggs, sugar and the delicate but refreshing mint and cinnamon.
  • Frutta Martorana: traditional marzipan sweets, made in the form of fruits and vegetables.
  • Gelo di mellone: watermelon jelly.
  • Nzuddi: Sicilian biscuits with almonds.
  • Petrafennula: a kind of hard nougat, made ​​with honey, almonds, candied citron and orange peel.
  • Pignoli: almond paste cookies with pine nuts.
  • Pupa cu l’ova: traditional Italian cookies made for Easter, that contain a dyed boiled egg.
  • Ravioli di ricotta: filled with ricotta (fresh cheese) pasta.
  • Sorbetto all’arancia: refreshing orange sorbet.
  • Torta al caffe’: coffee cake.
  • Torta di Pesche: peach cake.

Fast food

Street food

  • Crocchette: fried balls made from mashed potatoes, eggs, breadcrumbs.
  • Frittula: oil fried fat, cartilage and leftovers of pork or calf.
  • Panelle: Sicilian fritters made from chickpea flour served usually in a bun.
  • Quarumi: a combination of boiled entrails and cartilage with onions, celery, carrots and parsley.
  • Stigghiola: lamb intestines with parsley cooked on the fire or coals.

Drinks (Non-alcoholic)

Drinks (Alcoholic)

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