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Papet vaudois

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Papet Vaudois is a popular dish with the locals, tourists and neighboring countries of Switzerland. The Canton of Vaud is home to this filling dish of leeks and potatoes, hence the name vaudois, and it is usually served with Saucisse au chou (cabbage sausage). The preparation is simple, as leek is boiled in salt water after which it is drained and heated up in a pan with melted margarine or butter. Potatoes are cut in cube forms and tossed with the leek, white wine is added next and the mixture is simmered for some time. It is seasoned with pepper and salt to taste, sausage Vaudois is added last and all are left to simmer for almost half an hour. It is served hot, on a plate where vegetables are mixed well and the sausage is traditionally placed on the top. This dish is a real delicacy, and, once visiting Zürich you should not forget about trying Papet Vaudois.

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