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Traditional Paris Food

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Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Paris is complete without tasting the traditional Paris food. This directory offers information about the traditional dishes and drinks available in Paris to help visitors better understand the local food culture and make an informed decision when trying them.


  • Andouille: pork, pepper, onions, wine, and seasonings.
  • Crudités: celery sticks, carrot sticks, bell pepper strips, broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus spears.
  • Gougère: a savory choux pastry primarily made of milk, cheese, flour and egg.
  • Œufs mimosa (deviled eggs): eggs, mayonnaise and mustard.
  • Pâté: ground meat and fat; vegetables, herbs, spices, and wine may be added.
  • Rillettes: pork, salt, pork fat (sometimes duck or goose fat); seasoned with typical French five spice powder.
  • Saucisson: meat, salt, spices, sugar, nitrites and/or saltpeter.


  • Chicken soup: chicken, noodles or dumplings, or grains such as rice and barley; may be seasoned with bay leaves, fresh thyme, dry white wine and garlic.
  • French Onion Soup: water (sometimes beef broth), onions, cheese, croutons.


Main courses

  • Blanquette de veau: meat, aromatic vegetables, flour, butter, cream and egg yolks can be added.
  • Chateaubriand steak: beef fillet, vegetable oil, salt and black pepper.
  • Coq au vin (rooster in red wine): chicken, wine, lardons, mushrooms and garlic.
  • Daube: beef braised in wine, vegetables, garlic, and Provençal herbs.
  • Frog legs: frog legs, lemon juice, crushed ice, milk, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, pepper,all-purpose flour.
  • Fromage de tête (Head cheese or brawn): pig head, onion, black pepper, allspice, bay leaf, salt, and vinegar.
  • Galantine: de-boned stuffed meat (usually poultry), vegetables, cinnamon, salt and pepper.
  • Marengo Veal Sauté: veal, onions, butter, shallots, Paris mushrooms (champignons), bouquet garni, tomatoes, wine, parsley, pepper, vegetable oil, potatoes or pasta.
  • Paupiette: a piece of veal, beaten thin and rolled with a stuffing of vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats.
  • Pot-au-feu: meat (usually beef), carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, onions and spices (bouquet garni, salt, black pepper and cloves).
  • Poulet au fromage: is a French dish, meaning, literally, chicken with cheese.
  • Steak frites: steak (made of meat, usually beef), fries. There may be also lettuce leaves, mayonnaise, mustard, sauce béarnaise, etc.

Side dishes

  • Béarnaise sauce: clarified butter, egg yolks and herbs.
  • Beurre blanc: emulsified butter sauce made with a reduction of vinegar and/or white wine (normally Muscadet) and grey shallots.
  • Champignons de Paris: Paris mushrooms browned in butter and coated in garlic, chervil, chives, tarragon, parsley and thyme.
  • Moutarde de Meaux: “sinapis nigra” seeds, water, vinegar, mustard seeds and seed coat, spices.


  • Bêtises de Cambrai: a delicate mint flavored candy that is sweetened by a fine ribbon of caramelized sugar.
  • Blancmange: a sweet dessert commonly made with milk or cream and sugar thickened with gelatin, cornstarch or Irish moss, and often flavored with almonds.
  • Brie de Meaux: a cheese variety produced in the area of Paris.
  • Brie de Melun: a variety of cheese produced out of raw cow milk in the region of Île-de-France.
  • Brioche: flour, butter, milk, sugar, eggs and salt.
  • Chantilly cream: whipped cream sweetened with sugar and flavored with vanilla.
  • Crèpes Belle Hélène: pears and chocolate soft crépes.
  • Crème brûlée: a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel.
  • Macarons: a type of patisserie made from two almond based shells sandwiched together with either a butter cream, ganache or jam.
  • Marron glacé: chestnut candied in sugar syrup and glazed.
  • Mille-feuille: puff pastry, pastry cream sometimes whipped cream or jam.
  • Mont Blanc: a dessert of puréed, sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream.
  • Mousse au chocolat: eggs, cream, butter and chocolate or puréed fruit.
  • Niflettes: puff pastry, egg yolks, sugar, flour and vanilla.
  • Paris-Brest: butter, sugar, flour, eggs, salt, whipping cream etc.
  • Puff pastry: butter, flour, eggs, water (sometimes milk).
  • Puits d'Amour: flour, eggs, sugar vanilla, almond flour and milk.
  • Rum Baba: a small yeast cake saturated in liquor, usually rum, and sometimes filled with whipped cream or pastry cream.
  • St. Honoré Cake: pastry, choux paste, pastry cream, caramel syrup.
  • Tarte Bourdaloue: butter, salt, sugar, eggs, canned pears, whipping cream, almond powder, apricot jam.
  • Tarte Tatin: frozen puff pastry, dessert apples, butter, sugar.

Fast food

  • Croissant: crescent shaped buttery pastry.
  • Croque-monsieur: a hot ham and cheese (typically Emmental or Gruyere) grilled sandwich.
  • Quiche: eggs and milk or cream in a pastry crust. Other ingredients may be cooked chopped meat, vegetables, or cheese.

Street food

  • Baguette Bread Sandwiches: sandwiches with different kinds of fillings such as ham with butter, ham with cheese or chicken with vegetables.
  • Crepes: similar to a very thin pancake, folded over the filling, which can be savory (such as ham, vegetables, cheese, etc) or sweet (such as nutella, fruit, etc).

Drinks (Non-alcoholic)

Drinks (Alcoholic)


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