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Paris-Brest pastry

A Paris-Brest is a French dessert, made of choux pastry and a praline flavoured cream. It was created in 1881 to comemorate the Paris-Brest-Paris bycicle race.

The creator of the Paris-Brest remains unknown, however according to the Larousse gastronomique it was made by a baker from the Paris suburbs. Nevertheless the Durant family claims that the choux pastry ring filled with praline cream is their invention and that Louis Durant would have created it in 1909.

Nowadays the pastry can be found everywhere in France and even it is spoken about as a great French pastry classic. It may have many shapes. The best known is the ring that symbolizes the wheel of a bicycle or the lap of a race. There are also Paris-Brest pastries with the shape of the letter “S” or like a stick, each symbolizing a meandering route or a straight line.

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