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Pascualina is the name for a spinach (sometimes kale or Swiss chard) pie – a common dish in countries of Latin America. The cooking process of this pie involves 3 sheets of filo pastry being brushed with melted butter and placed in baking pan. The top layer is being sprinkled with soft feta cheese, followed by another 3 sheet of filo pasty, each brushed with butter. Then the filling mass made of feta cheese, spinach (sautéed with onions, mushrooms, parsley and garlic), cream, nutmeg, flour and salt and pepper is being spread over the layered dough and topped with sliced hard boiled eggs. Another six layers of pastry are being placed to cover the filling and the pie is left to bake until crisp and golden. Aromatic Pascualina is served either hot or cold, cut into pieces.

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