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Pasta Cacio e Pepe

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Cacio e pepe ("cheese and pepper") means spaghetti with cheese and black pepper, and with these two components you can enjoy a delicious and simple Roman pasta that's very quick to prepare. The main ingredients are pasta (usually spaghetti), cheese (typically pecorino) and pepper. The dish is very simple to prepare. Egg pasta is cooked and drained. Then pasta is mixed with cheese and black pepper. The amount of the ingredients might vary, depending on the tastes. The dish is famous from old Roman times. It was preferred both by the rich and the poor. The fresh egg pasta only takes few minutes to prepare, and the rest of the cooking process is nothing more than a quick stir. All the quantities of the components depend totally on every persons taste, and on a cold day it is better to use some ground black pepper and put a fire in your stomach.

As is usually the case with Italian preparation process, views on the precise version differ, but one of the best types of pasta to use for this dish is thick tonarelli all'uovo, because it works perfectly. Another good option for Cacio e Pepe is spaghetti.

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