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Pasta alla gricia

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Gricia is one of the four most popular and classic pasta dishes in Italy, along with Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, and Amatriciana.

Pasta alla gricia is a simple dish, containing three main ingredients:

  • pasta, of course (for example: bucatini, spaghetti, ziti, linguine etc.),
  • guanciale (salted and cured but not smoked bacon made from pig's cheek with a unique piggy flavor),
  • Pecorino Cheese (hard, tangy grating Italian cheese made from ewe's milk).

All these products are highly available all over Italy. No herbs or wine are added, and preferably the ingredients should not be substituted.

Guanciale is slowly sautéd in order to soften the fat; then boiled pasta is added and all cooked together for a while. When the pan is removed from the heat, grated Pecorino cheese is added. The delicious dish is served hot at once. It goes well with wine from the Castelli Romani.

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