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Pastetli, literally translated as Meat pie, is a national Swiss dish popular in Zurich and all over the country as well as far beyond its borders. It is usually of round shape, but it can also be of a unique form, depending on what occasions it is being cooked. The classical filling is a meat mixture with margarine or butter, garlic, shallot, optionally there can be added mushrooms, white wine, cream, curry, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, nutmeg, pepper and salt. From a puff paste there are formed round shaped, or heart, star shaped pies with an empty space inside which is later stuffed with meat base filling. There are also variations of the traditional recipe, concerning especially the filling which can be made from fruits, cheeses, vegetables etc. Pastetlis are served immediately either alone as a rather hearty dish, or with rice, peas and any other side food.

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