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Pastissets, also called casquetes, pastissets or flaons are small stuffed fried cakes in the Catalan Countries. They can be filled with cabell d'àngel jam, sweet potato jam, or almonds, even with mató cheese and codonyat.

They are simple and light cookies that taste deliciously. Pastissets are made with butter and no lard, this giving the dough a special softness.

They can be made with a mixture of olive oil, flour, eggs, Catalan moscatell and anissette, which is cut in circles. Pastissets are then stuffed, folded by the middle and closed by pressing softly, often with a fork. They are cooked and covered with sugar.

They are typical of Terres de l'Ebre and in Valencian Community. In Mallorca, there is a very similar preparation called rubiol.

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Pastissets (Powdered Sugar Cookies from Spain),