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Patatas bravas

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Patatas bravas or papas bravas is a dish of the cuisine of Spain, often served as a tapa in bars. It typically consists of white potatoes that have been cut into about 2 centimeter irregular shapes and then fried in oil and served warm with a spicy tomato sauce. This dish is commonly served in restaurants and bars throughout Spain, where it is traditionally accompanied by a shot of orujo or a glass of wine.

The preparation of Patatas bravas involve boiling the potatoes in brine for several minutes, so as to get tender, after what they are rubbed dry and deep fried.

The accompanying sauce varies by city. In Burgos, the sauce is tomato-based, and also includes vinegar, red pepper, and a variety of spices which give it bite. This sauce also accompanies patatas alioli, a form of fried potato prepared with mayonnaise and garlic. In Valencia and Catalonia, the potatoes are covered in a sauce made of olive oil, red pepper, paprika, and vinegar. In these areas, the dish is traditionally served with a side of alioli.

Patatas bravas are served in bars in servings that contain approximately a quarter kilo of potato. It is frequently consumed as part of tapas.

The dish can frequently be ordered with a number of extra toppings, the most popular of which include chorizo, chistorra, baked chicken, and fried fish. Another popular variation is the tortilla brava: a Spanish omelet topped with the spicy sauce.

The same sauce is sometimes served over mussels. This dish is known as mejillones en salsa brava.

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