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Patlıcan Köftesi

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Eggplant is a jewel of Turkish cuisine, and it is used to prepare Patlıcan Köftesi, a vegetarian variation of Turkish koofteh. The preparation process begins with roasting washed and dried eggplants. The roasted eggplants are pealed and cut into cubes, mixed with chopped parsley and scallions, and made into paste. Then bread crumbs, egg, chopped garlic, spices, pepper and salt are added to the paste, and put into fridge for an hour. When the mixture is cooled, long balls are made, coated with flour and kadayif and soaked in egg mixture, then fried in sunflower oil until golden brown. Patlıcan Köftesi are usually served hot.

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Patlıcan Köftesi Tarifi,

Patlıcan Köftesi,