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Patsas (πατσάς)

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A bowl of Greek Patsás (πατσάς)

Patsas (πατσάς) is a soup made of beef, tripe or lamb hocks and stomach. This soup is either entirely made with lamb, tripe or with beef, the meats are not mixed. It is always eaten early in the morning. It is traditionally served first after the Easter fast. This is meant to prepare the stomach for the food that is going to be eaten at the Easter table. It is said that the ingredients contain some type of gel which protects the stomach.

Nowadays besides Easter this kind of soup is served after a heavy drinking night in order to dissolve alcohol and protect the stomach. In Athens patsas may be usually served at the Athenian meat market.

Different variations of this soup exist in several Balkan countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and also in Turkey.

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