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Pazı Dolması

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Dolma is considered one of the main dishes of Turkish table. Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and surrounding regions. There is a lot of Dolma variations offered by Turkish cuisine. Pazı Dolması also called Pazı Sarması is a dish made of chard leaves stuffed with ground meat and rice. To prepare the dish first chard leaves are boiled in water till tender, and drained. Then rice, meat, chopped onion, salt and black pepper are mixed together. A small portion of the mixture is put on each chard leaf and rolled in shape of a cigarette. All stuffed leaves are put in a pot, bottom of which is covered with two layers of chard leaves. Then water added and a plate is put on the top. The dish is cooked under lid on a low heat. Pazı Dolması is served hot with plain yogurt.

There is also a vegetarian variation of the dish, which includes rice, kush uzum (a sort of small raisins), nuts and spices.

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