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Pečená Kachna

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Pečená kachna (roasted duck) is a quintessential meal of Czech cuisine and is sometimes consumed as an appetizer. The recipe consists of three separate steps. You have to roast the duck, prepare the sauerkraut and then dumplings. The dish is prepared by gutting the duck, then sprinkled with salt and caraway seeds and placed on the roasting pan (a little water can be added). The duck is fried on both sides until golden brown. It is a laborious process, but just remember that a good wine must be always accompanied by a delicious dish.

The dish is usually accompanied by bread or potato dumplings and white or red sauerkraut. Other options include boiled potatoes, different salads, and not to forget famous local beer. Pečená kachna is a dish that in the past Czechs enjoyed only on special holidays, but nowadays it can be tasted more often.

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Roast Duck,

Pečení kachny a dlouhé pečení,

Roasted Duck with Red Cabbage and Czech Dumplings.,