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Pečené Vepřové Koleno

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Pečené vepřové koleno, in Czech cuisine, is a roasted pork knee, (or "pork knuckle"), especially popular in Prague. The dish is a perfect combination of pork meat, tender caraway and rubbed garlic. The recipe is simple: the pork knuckle is marinated in a mixture of caraway seed and garlic brine or in black beer, then roasted until gets a crispy skin. It is best cooked over open fire to give the meat a particular savor. The dish is served beautifully, especially in restaurants - a huge piece of meat with a tasty crust, traditionally pierced with a knife. It should be eaten with mustard, bread, fresh horseradish, potatoes, pickled chilies or onions. Widely consumed all over Czech Republic, is a national dish that mixes the unique taste of meat with the garlic.

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Vepřové koleno na pivě,

Vepřové koleno na pivě,

Pečené vepřové kolínko,