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Peking Duck (or Peking Roasted Duck, 北京烤鸭)

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Homemade Peking duck with pancakes

Peking Duck (or Peking Roasted Duck, 北京烤鸭) is a famous duck dish from Beijing that has a history of over 400 years, and is now considered one of China's national foods.

The classic Peking Duck dish uses a special breed of duck that is force-fed and kept in a small cage to ensure tender meat. The ducks are slaughtered after 65 days and seasoned before being roasted in a closed or hung oven.

Peking duck is usually served in three courses. The skin, which is the most popular part of the dish, is served with sweet bean sauce, green onions, and thin crepes or steamed wheat-flour "lotus buns". The crepes or steamed buns are spread with sweet bean sauce, the skin and green onions are wrapped together to make a sandwich. Several vegetable dishes, typically cucumber and carrot sticks, are provided to accompany the duck meat for the second dish. The duck bones are made into a soup with celery and cabbage, served as a third dish.

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