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Pellkartoffeln, literally translated as "jacket potatoes", are potatoes that are traditionally boiled, steamed or even roasted in the oven and served as a side dish with most meaty courses or complemented with herring salad and fish. This is the simplest and easiest way of cooking potatoes and is often referred to as being the symbol of frugal food. The medium sized and waxy types of these root vegetables are best suited for this recipe; they are boiled, or steamed for about half an hour and then served hot at table. Young or baby potatoes can be eaten together with their peel.

Classical dishes are baked potatoes with cheese and butter, or they are made into a white pure-like pudding, or just eaten with linseed oil and herring salad. Potatoes also form the basis for other courses like potato salad, hash browns, potato dumplings and roast potatoes.

Jacket potatoes are commonly dipped in cheese, oil, curry sauce or melted butter and are considered to be a very popular side dish in Germany.

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