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Perník (gingerbread) is a sweet dark brown bread, the original recipe consisting of honey, flour and pepper. The name derives from the old Polish word "Peprník". There are many variations of preparing perníčky. Some recipes add wheat, rye flour, caramelized sugar, mustard, raisins, nuts or apple. The batter is also seasoned with spicy cinnamon, ginger or spices like cloves, anise, cardamom and lavender.

The gingerbread dough is carved into various shapes, which are then further decorated with colored sugar, icing or chocolate toppings. The tradition of cutting gingerbread into shapes takes many other forms, and exists in many countries, a well known example being the gingerbread man. Traditionally, these were dunked in port wine. The other version uses a boiled dough that can be modeled like plasticine to form uneatable figurines or other interesting ornaments. Medieval bakers used carved boards to create elaborate designs.

The tradition of cooking gingerbread has survived in Bremen, Munich, Nuremberg, Amsterdam, Prague, Pardubice and Toruń. The most popular Czech perník comes from Pardubice.

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Gingerbread Cookies - Czech Pernik na Figurky,