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Pişmaniye or pishmaniye is a Turkish sweet in fine strands made by blending flour roasted in butter into pulled sugar. It is sometimes garnished with ground pistachio nuts. Although the texture is similar to cotton candy, both method and ingredients are different.

Until recently pişmaniye used to be made at home in most regions of Turkey, but this tradition is now rapidly disappearing. Today the manufacturing process is partially mechanised. There are many different Turkish names used in different provinces, the most common being tel helva, çekme helva, tel tel, tepme helva and keten helva.


The earliest Turkish reference to pişmaniye is a recipe by Şirvani, a physician writing during the 1430s. The Persian form pashmak, which is the origin of the Turkish name pişmaniye occurs in the poetry of the Iranian poet Ebu Ishak, also known as Bushak (d. 1423 or 1427).

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