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Piccata Milanese

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Piccata Milanese are breaded veal cutlets dredged in both flour and bread crumbs and fried in butter. Amongst the ingredients one can find eggs, salt, pepper and sprigs of parsley for garnish. The surprising similarity between the Milanese and Viennese cutlets is due to the fact that both countries were for hundreds of years part of the Austrian Empire; though we still think that various European cuisines are distinct entities forgetting that the distances separating them are not very long and people did, do and will travel.

The preparation is simple: meat of veal, or thinly sliced beef, is trimmed away from fat and membranes that curl while frying. Only high quality meat is left for further usage which is salted, peppered dipped in the egg, dredged in bread crumbs and fried in a large skillet with plenty of melted, crackling butter. They are cooked quickly and served hot with parsley as garnishment. A light red dry wine is a perfect choice for this dish.

Another version contains chicken meat and is usually served with sauce. The slices of chicken are sprinkled with salt, dusted with flour and then dipped into beaten eggs and parmesan cheese. When olive oil is heated, the chicken is placed in the pan and sautéed to get brown on both sides, after which mushrooms, a little broth, ham and butter are added in. When the cutlets are ready, they are sprinkled with the remaining sauce from the pan and chopped parsley. White dry wine is also a good choice for this dish.

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