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Pichelsteiner is a three meats and vegetables stew, rather popular in Munich and in the whole country of Germany, as well. The ingredients commonly used to prepare this dish are: lamb, pork, beef, leek, parsley, carrots, potatoes and cabbage; the variations and combinations of the components, however, differ from kitchen to kitchen. Firstly, beef, pork and lamb are seared, then vegetables, that include diced carrots, sliced leek, chopped parsley, potatoes and cabbage cut into strips, are tossed in, everything being cooked until ready. Garlic or onions can also be added to the broth, depending on the region where it is prepared. Due to the simple preparation of Pichelsteiner, the stew is often cooked in large kitchens and its consistency is usually quite thick.

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Pichelsteiner; You Heard Me. It's a Let's Lunch Bunch Stew,

Pichelsteiner Stew,