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Pig's organ soup

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Pig's organ soup (simplified Chinese: 猪杂汤; traditional Chinese: 豬雜湯; pinyin: zhū zá tāng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: ti-tsa̍p-thng, tu--tsa̍p-thng) is a Malaysian and Singaporean soup originating in Teochew/Chaozhou, China. The dish is a clear and refreshing soup; the reason why sometimes referred just as tshing-thng (清湯), served with other optional side dishes as well as rice. The broth is boiled from a mix of pig offals including liver, heart, intestines, stomach, tongue, blood cubes, as well as pork meat slices, strips of salted vegetables, Chinese lettuce and a sprinkle of chopped onion leaves and pepper. Side dishes include braised tofu puffs, and eggs and salted vegetables sometime are served. The meal is usually served with a special chili sauce or soy sauce with chopped hot chili.

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Pig's organ soup,

Pig's Organ Soup,

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