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Pipi Soup

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Pipi soup is a kind of clams broth which is very similar in methods of preparation and ingredients to Italian clams soup; it is an undoubtedly delicious course starter, rich in components, aromas and tastes perfectly if combined with herbs and spices. Live pipi, bay leaf, peppercorns, dry white wine, onion, garlic, butter, fish stock, peas, spinach, parsley, olive oil and salt are the making parts for this soup. Preparation is not complicated as the clams are steamed till they open; onion and garlic are fried in butter to get translucent and are tossed into the fish stock mixed with pipi liquor which is brought to a boil. The remaining ingredients are placed into the pot together with pipi and necessary seasoning like salt, pepper and bay leaves. The soup is served hot in flat bowls, sprinkled generously with olive oil and chopped parsley.

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