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Pizza al taglio

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Pizza al taglio or pizza al trancio (Italian for pizza by the slice - literally "by the cut") is a variety of pizza baked in large rectangular trays, and generally sold in rectangular slices by weight, with prices marked per kilogram or 100 grams. The simplest varieties include Pizza Margherita (tomato sauce and cheese), Pizza bianca (olive oil & salt), and Pizza rossa (tomato sauce only). Other typical toppings include artichokes, asparagus, eggplant, ground meat and onions, potatoes, prosciutto, salami, sausage, ground truffles, zucchini, olive oil sundried tomatoes, rocket, gorgonzola, anchovies, and black olives. Most varieties are limited to a few toppings.

In the most traditional Italian Pizza al Taglio 'parlours' or outlets, the pizza is cooked in a wood-fire oven, although in today's establishments electric ovens are often used. The concept is similar to what is known as fast food in Western cultures, although as with most Italian food the quality is of high familial standards. The main emphasis is not on the visual aspect of the pizza, it is more on the taste and convenience of the process. The rectangular pizza shape makes it easier to cut and divide the pizza to the buyer's desire, which is often distinguished by weight.

The Pizza al taglio is a popular casual food in Italy, where for many years it has been a common way for people to grab a quick snack or meal. It has started to catch on in many other countries with differences in the styles of crusts, and toppings, suiting their own cultures.

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