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Plain Noodles (阳春面)

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Plain soup noodle (Yang Chun Mian) is a popular appetizer served in Shanghai and the same as other traditional dishes, it is relatively low in price but quite complicated in preparation. Originally, it was related to a sort of soup without any flavorful additions, called “broth smooth”. The components needed for the plain soup noodle recipe must be carefully chosen.

Cooking generally takes longer since the soup must be boiled over low heat for a long period of time, and the noodles must be well-prepared for immediate consumption. Thin green onion slices are usually added to the soup right before serving. The snow white, delightful, soft and creamy noodles are combined with fresh and tasty dried prawns and aromatic scallion oil. The legend says that in 1945, a businessman named Chen, mixed the noodle with homemade scallion oil.

There are many variations of this recipe and a diversity of components to choose from. Some of them include shrimp and wonton, some just thin noodles, but the most common include pork ribs, beef or ham, this last variant being known as Yang Chunmian. Nowadays, the plain soup noodle contains mainly egg-based noodles and herbs.

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Plain Soup Noodle (Yang Chun Mian),

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Plain Soup Noodle (Yang Chun Mian),

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