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Pollo alla Romana

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Pollo alla Romana (Roman-Style Chicken) is a traditional Italian dish. It is delicious due to its multitude of flavors. The combination of different ingredients makes the dish original and typical for this country, as it has amongst the components: chicken breasts, dry white wine (preferably Frascati), minced garlic, pancetta (“Italian bacon”), bell pepper, and parsley. Roman housewives prepare stuffed tomatoes every week. Typical of such dishes, it use low quality meat, wine and herbs to make it more tender and give aroma. The dish is traditionally prepared in the morning and left to boil at a low temperature for several hours. It is usually garnished with grated Romano Cheese and different seasonings just a few minutes before serving. The dish is eaten with boiled new potatoes, gnocchi or a green salad with a white wine. Pollo alla Romana is a good choice when walking on the streets of Rome.

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Pollo alla Romana (Roman-Style Chicken),

Pollo alla Romana (Roman Chicken),

Chicken Roman-Style (Pollo alla Romana),