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Portakal Peltesi

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Portakal Peltesi is a Turkish style Orange Jelly, which embellishes every special occasion and is easy to prepare. The ingredients usually used for Portakal Peltesi preparation are: fresh oranges, sugar, water, starch and crushed nuts. First, orange peel is grated, and soaked in water for an hour, then simmered with sugar, starch and orange juice. When the syrup is almost ready it is filtered, simmered for another ten minutes and poured into bowls to chill and thicken. Portakal Peltesi is always served cold, and garnished to taste, whether with crushed walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachio. No dinner would be complete without a delicious and tasty Turkish dessert like Portakal Peltesi.

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Апельсиновое желе (Portakal peltesi),

Portakal peltesi,

portakal peltesi,