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Provoleta is a trademark for more than 40 years which corresponds to a Argentine variant provolone cheese whose name is “Spinning Argentine provolone cheese.” Is a barbecued cheese dish consumed in Argentina and Uruguay. Natalio Alba is the man who invented this cheese. He understood that to unify the Italian-Argentine food habits, it was interesting to create a cheese that may accompany the roast (as in Italy provolone cheese is very appealing as is the roast in Argentina). This cheese started to manufacture it in about 1940 and then with the success recorded PROVOLETA mark in 1963. It took several years to find the right spot in the preparation of this cheese so it does not melt when it comes to grilling, and a layer is crispy on the outside and melted a little inside. To achieve this, it incorporates the techniques of pulp layer in the preparation of the mass of the Provolone cheese. Thus was born Provoleta.

Small discs of locally-produced 'provolone' cheese of 10 to 15 cm in diameter and 1 to 2 cm in height are generally consumed at the start of the asado, before the grilled meat. The provolone, often topped with chilli and oregano, is placed directly on the grill, on small stones or inside a foil plate and cooked until melted. The provoleta may be seasoned with chimichurri, a mixture of oils and spices, and usually eaten communally with bread.

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