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Puits d'Amour

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Puits d'Amour

The Puit d'Amour (well of love) is a French traditional pastry in the form of a well made of pastry topped with currant jelly or caramelized pastry cream. This type of pastry existed in Ile-de-France already in the 18th century. The first recipes report a large vol-au-vent filled with currant jelly and topped with a puff cove, it represented a bucket. As mentioned by La Chapelle in his Cuisinier Moderne from 1735, there were also “small oven” versions. The recipe was modified in the 19th century. Two Parisian houses, Coquelin and Stohrer have maintained the traditional version of the pastry.

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Le puit d’Amour,

Puits D'Amour,

Puits d'Amour, or Puff-Paste Rings,