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Puntarelle Salad

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Puntarelle is a variety of chicory, having a slightly bitter taste characteristic of chicories. It makes a great and refreshing salad. Crunchy and bitter puntarelle salad can be found in each restaurant in Rome especially during the autumn time. If you walk along the markets you will run into many stalls selling it pre sliced.

Puntarelle leaves and hearts are sliced and soaked in ice water untill the leaves become curly. It usually takes up to 1 hour. The typical Puntarelle alla Romana is made with a little garlic, anchovies, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Dressing is put in a salad bowl; puntarelle is added and all is mixed. The dish is served with lots of bread in order to dip it in the dressing.

It is one of the most delicious and healthy food you can taste in Rome.

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