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Pwdin Eryri (Snowdon Pudding)

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Pwdin Eryri or in English Snowdon (sometimes Snowdonia) Pudding is a traditional steamed marmalade Welsh pudding. The ingredients used for making Pwdin Eryri include raisins, suet, lemon marmalade, fresh breadcrumbs, eggs, soft brown sugar, lemon rind, ground rice or cornflour and some salt.

The name of the pudding comes from the highest Welsh mountain. Pwdin Eryri was served in the late 18th century at the hotel from the foot of Mount Snowdon.

The pudding is served hot with custard or with a sweet red wine syrup.

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Pwdin Eryri (Snowdon Pudding),

Pwdin Eryri – Snowdon Pudding,