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Rüebli Kuchen

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Rüebli Kuchen, also called Rüeblitorte, is literally translated as Carrot Cake, and is a very popular dessert dish in Zürich and all over Switzerland. The locals like it because it is a relatively low calories cake, in comparison with other sweet treats. The main ingredients for this are: flour, baking powder, sugar, cinnamon, clove powder, salt, carrots, lemon, grind almonds, eggs and margarine.


The flour is mixed with aromatic ingredients, sugar and salt, to which then shredded carrots, almonds, lemon juice and peel are added and all are stirred well. Eggs are beaten with margarine and tossed in the flour mixture, after which the whole doughy mass is poured in a baking tin and cooked in the oven. It is served topped with sweet cream and decorated with small caramelized carrots. The aspect and taste of the dish leaves everyone speechless.

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Recipe for Rüebli Kuchen (Carrot cake),

Traditional Swiss Carrot Cake (Aargauer Ruebli Torte),

Rüebli Kuchen (Carrot cake),