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Radegast beer

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Radegast is a Czech beer brewed in Nošovice, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic since 1970. The beer is named after the god Radegast. Stemming from the name for the beer is the slogan: "Život je hořký: Bohudík", a Czech phrase which translates into English as "Life is bitter: Thank God" (in reference to the beer's "bitter" taste).

The brewery is owned by Pilsner Urquell (since 1999), which is, in turn, owned by SABMiller.


  • Radegast Premium – beer with 5% alc. vol.
  • Radegast Original – beer with 4% alc. vol.
  • Birell – non-alcoholic beer
  • Birell Polotmavý – Semi-dark non-alcoholic beer

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Radegast (beer),

Radegast beer,