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Rakott Krumpli

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Rakott Krumpli is a Hungarian potato casserole, most often baked in the oven.

Among its ingredients are potatoes, eggs, sour cream known as Tejföl or Smetana, salt, and olive oil. Sometimes Kolbasz (Hungarian sausage) may also be added.

The potatoes are first cooked, then peeled, and afterwards arranged in layers. Other ingredients may also be added as layers to the authentic potato casserole.

Rakott Krumpli is a traditional main course dish, which can be served with pickled vegetables or any fresh salads, such as uborkasalata (cucumber salad) or paradicsomlata (tomato salad).

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Rakott Krumpli,

Rakott Krumpli,

A la Rakott Krumpli (Hungarian Potato Casserole),