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Regensburger Wurst

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Regensburger Wurst are Bavarian sausages made of fine or coarse meat basically of pork origin, which comes in a compact form with a length of about 10 cm and a diameter of about 4 cm. These sausages were invented in Regensburg in the second half of the 19th Century and only the narrow ones were called the "Original Regensburger", while the common name "Knacker" was used to denote this product in Regensburg area.

For the production of the sausage lean pork meat is used which is finely minced and enriched with salt, spices and also mixed with small meat cubes, the mass being poured into a big pot; sausages are tied short, smoked over wood fire and then steamed.

Regensburger Wurst can be eaten hot or cold, they are also the basis for the Regensburger Wurst salad, which consists of a marinade of vinegar, oil, chopped onions and mustard. It is also used as "Regensburger-Semmel (Knacker-Semmel)", a common snack made with fresh bread buns that are halved lengthwise and filled with a fried sausage, mustard, horseradish and a few slices of pickled cucumber.

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