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Riesling X Sylvaner

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Riesling X Sylvaner is a Swiss wine of popular mark, made from white grape created by Hermann Müller from the Canton of Thurgau in 1882. It is produced in many other European countries and bears different names like : Müller-Thurgau, Johannisberg, Riesling-Sylvaner etc. It is the drink mostly of the Cantons Vaud, Valais and Zurich because the Swiss rather prefer the wine of their region and export very little of it.

The wine has a white-golden color, it is fresh and aromatic and is used as an appetizer course starter. Mainly served with seafood like mussels, fish, oysters, sauerkraut, is also a perfect drink with young cheese fondues and is widely used in Swiss cuisine. It is a mild beverage due to its low acidity and has a rich fruity taste, what makes Riesling X Sylvaner mostly liked by all who try it for the first time.

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