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Rieslingspaschtéit is a meat and wine pie widely consumed throughout Luxembourg, as well as Germany and France. The classical Rieslingspaschtéit is prepared in three stages, first one being the pastry which usually contains only flour, butter, eggs, salt and water. The traditional ingredients used for pie filling are: minced pork, beef or veal meat, onions, carrots, shallots, chopped parsley, cognac, Riesling, marjoram, powdered condiments, pepper and salt. The aspic is prepared from pig trotter and ears, wine, mirepoix, pepper and salt. The filling is put in the pastry to form a clump, then pressed to close the edges, making also several chimneys. Afterwards these are brushed with egg yolks and cooked in the oven at low heat for about 2 hours. The aspic is poured through the chimneys into the cooled pastry, then put to fridge for several hours. Rieslingspaschtéit is traditionally served sliced with spiced cherries.

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