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Rinderbrust Berliner Art (Beef Brisket Berlin style)

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Rinderbrust 02.jpg

Rinderbrust Berliner Art, translated as Beef Brisket Berlin style, is a typical main course dish that is rather popular in the city of Berlin where it is prepared according to a local recipe. Beef brisket is widely used in German cuisine, especially when cooking soups and stews, it is roasted with different vegetables and it is available at markets and supermarkets either fresh or pickled (marinated).

Beef Brisket Berlin style is a dish which preparation is not complicated, as the meat is only boiled in a mixture of water with onions, greens, pepper, salt, garlic and bay leaves. When the brisket is tender, it is deboned and arranged on a serving plate being poured over with some gravy and horseradish sauce and usually complemented with boiled potatoes, salads made of fresh vegetables or pickles. The dish is very simple but rather hearty and delicious and it definitely deserves one's attention when coming to visit the German capital.

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