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Rippli, literally translated as ribs from pork or pork loin, is a traditional dish in the region of Bern, famous with the locals and those tourists who are meat lovers. Its ingredients consist of smoked loin ribs from pork, bacon, margarine or butter, onions, garlic, cabbage, celery, carrots, potatoes, pepper, thymine, white wine, soup powder, tomatoes and salt.


The margarine is heated up in a frying pan to which pressed garlic, hacked onions and diced bacon are added and stewed for some time. Later, cabbage, celery, carrots and potatoes are tossed in and again cooked at a low fire under a lid. When the vegetables are quite soft, spices and ribs are added to which white wine is poured and tomatoes to the end of the cooking process. Rippli is served hot with a beverage like dry wine or even beer, and is a hearty, tasty and perfect dish for a cold or tiresome day.

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