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Riz bi Haleeb

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Riz bi haleeb 03.jpg

Riz bi Haleeb is a Lebanese dessert which is basically a rice pudding, enriched in taste with rose or orange water and ground pistachios. This dish is one of the most favorite amongst the locals and those who are fond of light, airy and moderately sweet treats. The ingredients traditionally used for preparing this pudding are: milk, rose or orange blossom water, short grain white rice, sugar, pistachios and mastic powder. Preparation is very easy, as the milk is brought to boil and mixed with sugar; rice and scented water are added next together with mastic, all being stirred and boiled at low fire until creamy and thick. The rice pudding is served cooled, spooned into serving dishes or a single bowl and sprinkled with ground almonds, pine nuts or pistachios.

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Beirut & Riz Bi Haleeb- Rice Pudding with Mastic & Orange Flower Blossom,

Riz bi Haleeb, a Lebanese Dessert,

Rice Pudding RIZ BI HALEEB,