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Rizi-bizi or Risi Bisi (meaning rice and peas from Italian) is a Hungarian type of risotto, made from white rice mixed with green peas. Among its ingredients are also butter, parsley, onion, salt and pepper. Rizi-bizi is usually served as a side dish with different meats and sauces.

Rizi-bizi is also considered a very popular dish in Italy, Croatia and Romania.

The Italian dish called Risi e Bisi or "rice and peas" is a Veneto spring dish that is correctly served with a spoon not a fork; it is a soup so thick it looks like a risotto. It is made with green peas using the stock from the fresh young pods, flavored with Pancetta.

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Risi Bisi,

Croatian Rizi-bizi (Rice and Green Peas),