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Roast chicken with stuffing

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Roast chicken with stuffing is one of the most popular dishes around Switzerland, as it is prepared on special occasions like big holidays, birthdays, etc. and as a traditional, weekly meal. Chicken meat is widely used in Swiss cuisine, and it is considered to be one of the healthiest and low fat ingredients. The varieties of recipes for roast chicken with stuffing have spread all over the world, but the special Swiss flavor given by the local seasoning can be found only in this European country. The classical recipe states the following components for this dish: chicken, sage, butter, chicken broth, thyme, dried fruits, honey, dark bread, eggs, salt and black pepper.


The chicken is thoroughly rinsed and sprinkled with seasoning from black pepper, salt and sage. The filling is prepared from dried fruits, honey and thyme which are simmered in the chicken broth, and is later poured onto the dark bread pieces to become soft and could be easily blended into a homogenous mass with added eggs. The chicken is stuffed with this mixture then is placed in a deep baking dish previously brushed with butter and it is roasted in the oven at a high temperature. The chicken is usually served with potatoes or vegetables in French and German speaking cantons, and with pasta in the Italian speaking areas.

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