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Roast pork with apple sauce

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Roast pork with apple sauce1.jpg

A succulent roast of pork and apples makes a lovely treat for a family reunion or a winter dinner party. The pork is baked in oven for several hours together with bay leaves, garlic, sage and onions, chicken stock and some red wine until the meat becomes tender and all the flavors come out. Preparation methods may vary and may also include mustard, cider vinegar and caraway seed. The potatoes and carrots are also usually added to the baking tin. The apple sauce is prepared separately and consists of cubed apples, butter, sugar, cinnamon and spices. The sage and allspice in the apple sauce is said to compliment perfectly the flavour of the pork. This hearty winter dish is traditionally served as a Sunday Roast meal.

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Roast loin of pork with apple sauce,

Roast Pork Loin With Applesauce,

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