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Rode Kool Met Appeltjes

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Rode Kool Met Appeltjes represents a red cabbage and apple salad. It is one of the old fashioned dishes from the Netherlands. This side dish is much loved amongst Dutch, especially during winter. The ingredients for this salad are: butter, chopped onion, sliced red cabbage, peeled and sliced apples, white wine vinegar, sugar, zest of half a lemon, bay leaf, clove, rice, corn starch, salt and pepper. The ingredients are mixed and simmered for about two hours until the cabbage is soft. Optionally, apples can be replaced with cranberries. This dish matches well with various game meats like rabbit, venison and elk.

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Grandmother's Red Cabbage (Rode Kool Met Appeltjes),

Rode kool met appeltjes,

Braised Red Cabbage (with apples),