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Rohlík is a traditional Czech yeast roll, named for its distinctive crescent shape. A rohlík is made by cutting strips of soft dough into triangles, and wrapping up the wedges to form a crescent shape which is then baked at a temperature of 175-200° C. They may also come in different sizes and different flavors.

The term "roll" refers to the type of bread, not its composition. Rolls are mainly made from wheat, flour, salt, yeast, sugar, milk, malt extract and margarine (an important ingredient). Before baking, rolls are usually brushed with egg and sprinkled with caraway seeds, vanilla sugar, poppy seeds, salt almonds or walnuts. They are commonly served with jam or honey, and is often done for breakfast with coffee or tea.

Czech rolls can be divided into bílý rohlík (white roll) and celozrnný rohlík (wholemeal roll), depending on the flour you choose. White rolls are usually made from fat dough. These are highly energy-rich but have a low content of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other components the human body requires. Wholemeal rolls have the same ingredients as normal rolls, using wheat flour instead of white. Furthermore, the dough may also contain a variety of seeds such as sunflower or sesame seeds.

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