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Rohrnudeln 03.jpg

Rohrnudeln, also Buchteln,Ofennudel, Rohrnudel, Einback, Austro-Bavarian: Buchtl, Wuchtl, Heffakejchla, Czech and Polish: buchta, are sweet dumplings made of yeast dough, filled with jam, poppy seed paste or curd and baked in a large pan so that they stick together. The traditional Buchtel is filled with plum jam and are topped with vanilla sauce, powdered sugar or eaten plain and warm.

The origin of the cooking is the region of Bohemia, but they play a major part in the Austrian, Slovenian, and Hungarian cuisine too. In Bavaria the Buchteln are called Rohrnudeln, in Slovenian buhteljni, in Hungarian bukta, and in Czech buchty.

Rohrnudeln are esteemed mostly as a dessert but can also be enjoyed as a main dish; it seems that there is an infinite number of possible recipes and variations of these sweet dumplings.

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