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Rostin Negàa

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Rostin Negàa (Milanese Veal chops) is one of the favorite dishes of northern Italy, especially in Milan, unique for its preparation, final taste and flavor. The ingredients other than meat and milk that go for this dish are: bacon, unsalted butter, breadcrumbs, olive oil, spices and beaten eggs (optional). The veal chops, the main components of the recipe, are placed in milk for an hour or two, after that they are dried, dipped in flour, eggs and bread crumbs and fried in previously heated butter with bacon until they become a crispy golden color. Dry white wine is added to the frying pan, salt, pepper and it is finally covered with a lid ant let stew for some tens minutes. Rostin Negàa is served with potatoes, either smashed or cooked in the same pan with the meat and garnished with lemon and celery.

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