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Rotkäppchen Sekt

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Rotkäppchen Sekt, literally translated as “Little Red Riding Hood” sparkling wine, is a traditional beverage produced in Germany since 1894. It is especially popular in the eastern states, because it was the most famous Champagne brand in the former GDR. Little by little, Rotkäppchen Sekt captured the whole market in Germany and in 2010, there was sold 112.7 million bottles of this brand, thus becoming a leader with 33.5% market share.

This fizzy drink is a perfect complement for any party and some people claim that it tastes better than even real French champagne. Rotkäppchen Sekt is traditionally produced in six variants, beginning with a tank fermentation, Tankgärung, and ending with the classical bottle fermentation, Flaschengärung (only exclusively limited editions); there are also diabetic variations and “Mocha Pearl” sparkling wine based drink.

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