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Süzme Mercimek Çorbası

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Suzme Mercimek Corbasi 02.JPG

Süzme Mercimek Çorbası is a healthy, delicious and nutrient lentil soup. It is traditionally prepared from green lentil, stock, flour and butter.

The lentils are thoroughly washed and put in a pot with water on a low heat, boiling until water dissolves. Then stock is added, and all is poured through sieve. Finally butter is melted in a frying pan together with flour until thick texture, then added to the soup, and cooked under lid for about ten minutes. The soup is served hot in large bowls topped with sauteed cubes of bread.

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Süzme Merçimek Çorbası Tarifi,

Süzme Mercimek Çorbasi,

Süzme mercimek çorbası tarifi,

Süzme Mercimek Çorbası,