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Salade Chevre Chaud

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Salade Chevre Chaud represents a light and refreshing appetizer, very popular throughout Paris. The main ingredients of this delicious salad include a roll of goat's cheese, sandwich bread, tomatoes, green salad, bacon and garlic cloves.

The preparation of this dish implies first rubbing the slices of bread with garlic and then place the roll of goat’s cheese on the top of it. The slices are sprinkled with olive oil and basil and baked for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, arrange the lettuce leaves on the plate along with the finely sliced tomatoes. The bacon is cooked at medium heat without adding fat and scattered over the salad. This gives the dish a nice smokey flavor and crispy texture. The salad is then tossed with a good amount of dressing and topped with the goat’s cheese toasts.

The dish may be sometimes dressed with chopped basil.

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Salade Chevre Chaud,

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